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If you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis and you don’t use a dental guard or if you have a habit of nibbling on foreign objects, you might suffer a dental fracture. Even if the chip or fracture doesn’t cause pain, you should still strongly consider having the tooth examined and repaired by Dr. Keven R. Mills.

As time goes on, the compromised tooth enamel might attract bacterial food deposits. This could lead to a severe cavity developing deep within the already distressed tooth.

A small fracture might be repairable with a basic dental filling. However, a more significant fracture might require a dental crown restoration.

Sometimes the dental fracture can be so severe that it damages the critical interior structures of the tooth. This might cause a persistent ache, sharp pain, or excessive sensitivity. In a case like this, Dr. Keven R. Mills might need to perform a root canal. This can restore sufficient dental structure to mount a new crown.

If a more severe dental fracture has damaged the pulp or root or it has compromised the integrity of the socket, it might not be viable for endodontic treatment. For a tooth this severely compromised, Dr. Keven R. Mills might recommend a total extraction. After your gums have healed, he can then help you understand your tooth-replacement options.

If you have a dental fracture in Granite Bay, California, you should not delay in calling 916-915-5108 to have it examined and treated at Keven R. Mills, DDS.