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To keep your smile safe this holiday season into the next year, implement a tooth hazard prevention plan to keep numerous risks from destroying your smile. This includes wearing the appropriate safety gear, avoiding unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices, and seeking treatment for any underlying conditions that may be present.

In order to keep your smile safe, always prevent tooth hazards from arising in your mouth. Some products that may seem safe to eat or bite into, such as ice or cough drops, can actually severely damage your oral health if you’re not careful. Biting into a hard object can cause serious damage. Exercise caution when biting into any product.

Sports are known causes of numerous tooth hazards. Due to the heavy risks that sports can pose to your oral health, it is important to make sure you always wear the appropriate safety equipment. This includes any helmets, face masks and mouth guards that are available. Ideally, you should visit your dentist to have a custom mouth guard made for you.

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