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The human tongue is rough. Its sandpaper texture can sometimes foster plaque and bacteria growth. People who use dentures should take extra care to clean their tongue to remove plaque and keep from having bad breath.

Denture wearers should be sure to brush their tongue after they are done cleaning their dentures in order to remove the plaque. While brushing the tongue, be sure to move the toothbrush in a slow, circular motion while using non-abrasive toothpaste and also be sure to get the sides and top of your tongue. This will help to clear away bacteria and also refresh your mouth.

Using a tongue scraper after brushing is also a good idea. Normally, a tongue scraper is designed to have a small, plastic handle with an edge on one end. If you do decide to employ a scraper, work the scraper from the front to the back of the tongue and avoid making multiple sweeps over it. If a buildup of material becomes noticeable on the blade, be sure to rinse it off before continuing your tongue scraping.

Afterward, use antiseptic mouthwash to freshen your breath and help get rid of lingering bacteria that might be left over after brushing, which could form plaque and also give you bad breath.

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