Strengthening your beautiful smile

Dr. Keven R. Mills provides fluoride treatment to help strengthen your tooth enamel and protect your smile from cavities. Fluoride can be applied in just a few minutes as part of your regular appointments. We may also suggest further treatment if your teeth are prone to decay or if you are not receiving enough fluoride from other sources.

As you eat and drink, the bacteria, sugars and acids in foods and beverages attack the enamel layer of your teeth, demineralizing it and making it more open to damage from tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are one way in which you can remineralize and strengthen your teeth. Fluoride treatments are especially useful for children, as they will help to strengthen the teeth as the grow and develop to ensure that they are strong and healthy. Our dentist will check your child’s fluoride levels when he or she visits our office and provide treatment as needed.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, and can be found in many foods as well as in the water supplies of many cities. Professional fluoride treatments are usually available in the form of a gel, varnish or foam.

To learn more about fluoride treatment in Granite Bay, California, and find out how you can benefit from this preventive service, call the office of Keven R. Mills, DDS today at 916-791-7227.