The alternative to extraction

Dr. Keven R. Mills may recommend root canal treatment as an alternative to extraction if the nerves of your tooth are infected or damaged. Root canals often become necessary when decay, injury and infection reach into the innermost areas of the tooth. This typically occurs due to trauma or severe cracking.

Root canals are a type of endodontic treatment used to restore the health and strength of a tooth. This procedure can usually be completed in just one or two appointments with our dentist.

When you receive a root canal, our dentist will begin by removing the infected and injured tissues from within the tooth. He will then clean it and fill it with a medicated material, and seal the tooth to prevent future infection. The treated tooth will then be capped with a temporary crown to protect it until the final crown is complete. Once the final crown is complete, it will be placed atop the treated tooth to restore its shape, structure, appearance and function.

Root canals have a long-founded reputation for being painful. However, thanks to advances in dental technology, treatment methods and sedation options, your root canal procedure can be completed with only minimal discomfort. We encourage you to speak with our dentist and team if you feel anxious about your treatment or have concerns about pain and discomfort. We will take every step possible to help you feel comfortable and receive your treatment with ease.

We invite you to call the office of Keven R. Mills, DDS at 916-791-7227 to learn more about root canal treatment in Granite Bay, California, and to set up your appointment with our caring dentist. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy a healthy smile for life.