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Have you just had oral surgery or started wearing braces and are finding it painful to eat? We have some ideas to help you during this healing stage, to weather your sore mouth, teeth or gums.

Do you have a blender or food processor in your kitchen cabinets somewhere? Now is a good time to pull them out! They can be your best tools in preparing food you can consume without hurting your tender mouth. Pureed meat which provides protein for healing tissue, can allow you to eat meat without chewing. The first step is making your food as small as possible. You can do this with meat, vegetables and even casseroles using a food processor.

Next is texture. You want to cook your food until it is tender and soft. You basically want it to fall apart in your mouth. Your blender can make your food soft as well; good blender foods are any cooked vegetable like carrots or potatoes, pureed fruit like bananas, apples or persimmons, puddings like rice or tapioca, smoothies, and milkshakes. Macaroni and cheese are excellent soft foods, as are any cooked cereals like oatmeal, grits, or cream of wheat. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are also good choices with protein.

Portion control helps as well. You may want to use a small spoon, or even a baby spoon to take small bites, and making it easy to chew and swallow. If your food is dry, you can moisten it with butter, gravy, or sauce to make it easier to eat.

Avoid hard, harsh foods; raw vegetables are too crunchy to eat without hurting, unless finely pureed. Spicy or salty foods will hurt as will acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus. Rough, dry foods like toast, granola or even crackers can wait until your mouth isn’t tender and sore.

During your healing process, make sure you are well hydrated to avoid dry mouth. You want saliva production to stay normal so it can neutralize bacterial acids and wash away food particles. Good old fashioned H2O is the best form of hydration, because you can sip it continually throughout the day without worrying about adding plaque, like sweetened drinks do. And finally, if your mouth hurts you can rinse with warm water periodically to soothe it.

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