What to Do With Your Toothbrush When You’re Sick

If you’re sick, no matter if it’s the cold or stomach flu, there are things you need to do when you use your toothbrush. That way you can take good care of your toothbrush and smile. So, when you’re sick, our , Dr. , strongly recommends doing the following things: -Wash your hands before you… Read more »

Root Canals are Needed When . . .

Do you have achy teeth? Do you experience sensitivity to tough, spicy or hot foods? If yes, you may need to come into our office for an oral examination, and depending on what we find, we may recommend a root canal operation. Learn a tiny bit more about when root canals are needed by reading… Read more »

Why Should I Use a Water Flosser?

If you’ve heard of a water flosser, you’re probably wondering about the benefits involved in using the tool. Our , Dr. , is more than happy to help you. There are many benefits offered by the water flosser, and those benefits are: -Water flossers can make cleaning between the teeth more thrilling. This is because… Read more »

Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with Tooth Hazard Planning

To keep your smile safe this holiday season into the next year, implement a tooth hazard prevention plan to keep numerous risks from destroying your smile. This includes wearing the appropriate safety gear, avoiding unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices, and seeking treatment for any underlying conditions that may be present. In order to keep your… Read more »

Stainless Steel Dental Crowns

Stainless steel isn’t just for appliances: it can also be used to strengthen your health through the installation of stainless-steel dental crowns. Read on to find out a tiny bit more about the strong effects dental crowns can have on your dental health and when and why stainless-steel dental crowns are considered as a choice… Read more »

Physical Disabilities and Oral Hygiene Tips

Whether you are a professional or family member, helping someone with a physical disability requires foresight and peace of mind. These are attributes you can develop. If your client cannot brush, floss or visit the dentist on their own, Keven R. Mills, DDS is delighted to help you plan how to help them best. Brushing… Read more »

Achieve a Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are yellowed or stained, consider a professional teeth whitening. While it is true that there are over-the-counter whitening treatments available, such as mouthwash, toothpaste, strips or trays, the most effective forms continue to come from the dentist office. Here are the two whitening services that Keven R. Mills, DDS offers: In-office professional… Read more »

Picture Day Coming Up? Get Your Best Smile with these Tips

Our dental team understands how important picture day is and how this memory will last for a lifetime in a photo. It might be one of the most important days of the year for you, and as you may already know, the smile is considered one of the most important characteristics of a picture. To… Read more »

The Roots of Your Teeth Can Be Threatened by Chronic Periodontal Disease

People who are lax with their daily oral hygiene regimen are at increased risk of having hardened tartar buildup on their teeth. As this bacterial substance continues to accumulate near the gumline, your mouth will be at increased risk of suffering from periodontal disease. It often starts out as the mild gum inflammation of gingivitis…. Read more »

A Partial Denture Can Help Replace the Appearance and Function of Multiple Missing Teeth in Your Smile

Your front teeth play an important role in helping you bite off pieces of the foods you consume. At the same time, your smile’s appearance can also have a significant impact on many of your facial expressions. When multiple teeth are lost in the front of your mouth, it can hamper your overall oral function,… Read more »