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Poor food choices can lead to poor oral hygiene. To give your smile the greatest chance for oral health success, it is important to always exercise caution with any dietary selections you may choose. Several products that you can eat contain large amounts of sugar or can damage your teeth in other ways. Thus, it is important to exercise restraint with any unhealthy foods or drinks you may consume.

Be aware of the simple things in our diets that are known for being especially heavy on sugar. Sugar is one of the most harmful substances to our teeth and gums as it can be converted into acids in our mouth known for chewing through tooth enamel. If a hole forms in your tooth enamel, a cavity will be present. Along the same lines, it may be wise to exercise caution with sour products and extremely acidic substances.

Be aware that there are several products that are often considered too hard for your teeth. This may include giant candy canes, lollipops and corn on the cob. Although they may be safe for eating, biting into them incorrectly can easily chip and crack your teeth.

Limit the amount of sticky and chewy sweets that you consume. The risks of sticky sweets are not only linked to the fact that they may contain sugar, but they are also likely to linger in your mouth long after eating them. They can stick to your teeth and gums and be difficult to wash away. This may increase the rate at which plaque builds up and tooth decay can occur.

Some foods often tend to get lost between your teeth and gums easily. This can include popcorn balls and popcorn kernels, which can chip and crack your teeth and also end up deep within your gums and between your teeth. Always make sure to exercise caution with these sorts of foods and thoroughly clean out your mouth as needed.

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