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In your quest for a better smile, it is important to consider all aspects of dental damage that can arise. Because dental damage can occur in several different aspects of your oral health, it may be important to look at key elements of your life and determine what you can do to minimize risks associated with damage to your teeth and gums.

Are you aware of the risks that participating in contact sports can cause? Contact sports are an oral health risk because several oral accidents and injuries can easily occur. Even a single strike to your face can end up costing you decades of hard work to your oral health. To prevent tooth loss or damage, always make sure you’re wearing the appropriate safety equipment. Everything from face masks to mouth guards can prove to be beneficial for cushioning blows that may occur to your teeth, gums or jaw.

Oral accidents can occur from high-risk activities, so be aware that bad habits can cause substances to wear down your smile. Unhealthy products including tobacco and drugs are known risk factors for several forms of dental damage, so avoid these products whenever possible.

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