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Stainless steel isn’t just for appliances: it can also be used to strengthen your health through the installation of stainless-steel dental crowns. Read on to find out a tiny bit more about the strong effects dental crowns can have on your dental health and when and why stainless-steel dental crowns are considered as a choice for dental crown substances.

Dental crowns are designed to guard sensitive layers of your pearly whites from stimulation and gum disease. When you’re fitted with an oral crown, Dr. Keven R. Mills will take measurements and impressions of your chompers so that a final dental crown can be fashioned in a dental workshop. During the time while you’re waiting for your dental crown, you may be installed with a stainless-steel crown which will cap the tooth. When your final crown comes in, the stainless-steel crown will be replaced and you will be fitted with the lab-made crown, which will be both a better fit and created from extra durable, stronger chemicals.

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