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If you are missing one or more teeth, you may experience struggles when speaking and chewing. A dental bridge can be an excellent way to restore your smile to full functionality and beauty of your smile by replacing a missing tooth or teeth with an artificial dental appliance. Our team is eager to offer helpful insight in the purpose of dental bridges and how they can benefit your smile.

Benefits of Dental Bridges
There are many uses for dental bridge, including:

– Restoring appearance and functionality to your smile
– Enabling you to speak and eat properly
– Supporting jaw structure and face shape
– Distributing the bite evenly
– Preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting

Placement of a Dental Bridge
Prior to placing a bridge, we will remove tooth enamel from the neighboring teeth in order to accommodate the dental crowns that are going to anchor the bridge. We then take impressions of your smile that will then be used to create the custom-made dental bridge. Finally, the completed dental bridge is cemented into place.

Lifespan of a Dental Bridge
Proper care of a dental bridge can help it to last longer than 10 years, though you should be aware of threats to dental bridges, such as tooth decay caused by food becoming trapped under the artificial teeth. Poor oral hygiene can weaken the dental bridge.

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