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Mouthwash can help you deep clean your smile as well as freshen your breath, so make sure to rinse your mouth at least once a day. However, this might be a tricky task if you’re not sure which mouthwash to choose at the store. Fortunately, our dentist, Dr. Keven R. Mills, knows the details about mouthwash, so he will be happy to share some information with you to help you choose the best rinse for your smile and oral health.

If you’re interested in preventing cavities, it’s best to pick a mouthwash that has fluoride. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can extremely benefit your teeth. This is because it dives into the tooth enamel and strengthens it, giving it the ability to fight chemicals and bacteria that create tooth decay and enamel erosion. So, if you choose a rinse with fluoride, you’ll be all set.

If you’re interested in preventing gum disease, it’s best to pick a mouthwash that controls tartar growth. This is important because tartar is the toxic substance that promotes gum disease. If it’s not killed off or removed regularly, there is a chance it could destroy the smile.

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