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If you are in need of fluoride supplementation, do you know where to find it? Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in our world that is most often found in large bodies of water. Studies have shown that fluoride can act as an additional shield for our teeth to help protect tooth enamel from damage. Fluoride has even been shown to be beneficial in the remineralization of tooth enamel. If you are looking for fluoride supplementation, you might want to consider the following choices:

– Fluoride is often found in the public drinking water supply, as it has been added due to its oral health benefits.
– Fluoride is present in many dental cleaning products including mouthwash and toothpaste. Look on the labels of products or speak with your dentist.
– Fluoride is available in tablet form, and can be used as a lozenge, pill, or drop as well.
– Fluoride supplementation is healthy for adults, but avoid giving products with fluoride to children under the age of 3, as it can be toxic.

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